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InSight Notice For June 23, 2022

esMD Transmission Failures

There is a known issue with esMD where submissions may fail and users will need to resubmit.

Craneware will attempt to automatically resubmit these on your behalf up to 3 times (every 30 minutes over a 90-minute period). While this is occurring, the submission will remain in a "pending" state. 

Please be aware, if the failures persist it may be necessary for you to submit via other media to avoid missing deadlines.

CMS is currently working to resolve this issue and expects to have a fix ready to test by the end of the week.  Craneware will update the message board when the fix has successfully been tested and is in place.

Please Note!

The InSight products are designed to work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer and are also fully compatible with Microsoft Edge. Usage of any other browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, may result in inconsistent behavior.